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We are trusted by international brand owners to launch and grow their brand in Iraq. Our relationship with the brand owners, the trade, suppliers, stakeholders and consumers is the main reason behind our success.

The brand owners know that their brand is safe in our hands, not in the hands of an outside party. Our team manages every step of the process from the supplier to the end consumer including:
- Sales, operations and merchandising
- Marketing and brand management
- Import and supply chain management
- Stock control and forecasting
- Consumer and retail care

With our privately-owned fleet and manpower, we cover all major channels nationally over major Iraqi territories (Modern Trade, Groceries, Convenience, wholesale, and Food Service ‘HORECA’) .

- We are a full-service distribution company, over 45,000 sqm of warehouses are distributed throughout our locations covering nine major areas in Iraq.

- We have over 350 vehicles for our sales and delivery activities to make sure that our products are delivered on time without any delay.

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